Second Grade 2011-2012

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Biography Pod Casts 2nd grade learned about the genre "Biography" and talked about a biography they did on

a classmate.

Math Poem Podcasts
Our Class Parody: We're Creative and We Know it!

Visit with Trooper, a therapy dog!


Peer Reading with Kindergarten

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Math Class
Making a Map: Students are doing a PBL making a map to incorperate materials they have learned how
use in the classroom

Working with scales: we are learning how to use balances and scales

What's My Rule? students explain how they got their answers while working

with "what's my rule" questions

Addition Stratgies: students explain different math strategies that they like to use.

Holiday Tradition Day
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October Hayride

Learning about First,Next, Then and Last

Take a look at some of our Kid Writing and Reading adventures!

DUSOdolphin5.gifwith Mr. Martin